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There are 80 pages or so for sale at this site, from about 12 different artists.
This site has tons of animation related artwork including Disney stuff.
This site sells both animation artwork and original comic art pages.
Anthony has a very large selection of art from a diversified number of artists.
This site offers art from several genres, not necessarily just comic art.
This is a classified listing service for artwork and has comic art only when someone lists it with them.
Bryan Hitch & Paul Neary original comic artwork for sale. Over 500 pages are available from J.L.A., The Authority, Stormwatch, Green Lantern and more. Pages are also available by pencilers Alan Davis, Humberto Ramos & Claudio Castellini, inked by Neary.
This site features artwork by Terry Palot and R.G. Taylor. Run by fellow Canadian and all round good guy Sean Menard.
This is a great site that features artwork from several artists and titles, from Spider-Man to the Power Puff Girls.
Definitely a must stop for comic art collectors. Thousands of pages from Bagley, Jimenez, Sawn, Layton, Finch, Perez, Jurgens and more.
This site has hundreds of pieces of artwork for sale, and it is very nicely organized.
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